You can set purchase a service or appointment by turning on the toggle for the classes, appointments, service, or session type.

Then, you can increase your revenue and give your members more services to choose from.
You can set purchases for an appointment by turning on the toggle "Enable purchase" and setting a price.

What does that mean?
When this toggle is on, your members will have the option to purchase a service from the uses app or the site even if the service is part of their membership

How do I turn on the Enable purchase toggle?

1. Click on the schedule tab

2. Click on the Settings icon on the top-right screen

3. Click on appointments types

4. Choose the one the you want to edit

5. Open the toggle Enable purchase

You can do this also when you are creating a new appointment type

What your members will see in the user's app

1. Go to schedule

2. Click on appointments

3. You will see a service or appointment with a price (this is the one with the Enable purchase toggle) choose it

To create a new appointment click on this link

4. Choose the date and time

5. Pay and Book

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