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At Arbox, we believe that the way to business success begins with good

We are happy to be that platform for you and we are proud to provide you with the most advanced tools for your business success.

The following article is aimed to help you get started with Arbox.
Let's get it started!

  1. Log in with your login information.

    Username - the email address you registered with.

    Password - A link with a password for the first login will be sent to you by email when you registered.

  2. Define the types of services you have in your business (personal training, meetings, beauty, and more ..).
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  3. Create your first appointment! You're halfway through!
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    Arbox users' experience is even easier and they can schedule appointments according to the times you set. This is your next step, check it out!

  4. Set your availability.
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    Nice job! After you have completed all the steps, it's time to add your first client!

  5. Add your first client.
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That's it! You are all set!

For more information, check out the "Getting started" collection

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