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Set one-time Availability for your staff members
Set one-time Availability for your staff members
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  1. When you are on the Schedule page, click on the set Availability toggle to change the display of your schedule page

2. You will see all your staff members' availabilities

3. You change the weekly view to a daily or monthly view by clicking on the Weekly view button

4. By clicking on the filter icon you will filter your staff members' availably view by Location, staff member, or by Frequency ( Recurring or One time)

5. Click on an empty slot on the staff Availability display to create new availability for a staff member

  • Now select the staff member that you want to create the availability
    set the date
    set the time and if you want it to repeat every week
    then click on NEXT

  • You can limit your appointments types by clicking on the ones that you want to be available and clicking Next.

  • you can choose the time for each interval between appointments

    and then click Save

  • That's it! Now you have created on time availability for a staff member - Just click Done

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