This guide has 3 parts:

  • Creating a lead form on Facebook Leads

  • Connecting your Facebook page to the Arbox system

  • What to do with a lead who isn’t added through the lead form automatically

Creating a Lead Form on Facebook:

  1. Head to your business's Facebook page

  2. Click on Publishing Tools, then click on Forms Library

  3. Create a new form

  4. Fill in the relevant details according to the Facebook guidelines

  5. The lead form will have 2 tabs - Content and Settings:

  6. Check that the following parameters appear in the Content tab: First name,
    phone number, Email, and location_box (these are required fields)

  7. Add in additional questions to your form as necessary

  8. In the Settings tab, define a specific ID for each new field that you’ve added:

  1. In the “name” field, add in the ID “lead_name”

  2. In the “phone number” field, add in the ID “phone_number”

  3. You can also create additional fields that can transfer information into the Arbox system (not required), these include:

  1. Last name

  2. Full name

  1. Note: other or additional fields that you create in the lead form will not be entered into the lead’s profile in the Arbox system

Connecting Your Facebook Page to the Arbox System:

  1. Click on Settings in the Sidebar and then click on “Leads”

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Login With Facebook”

  1. Sign in with your Facebook profile. Note: this should be the profile associated with the Facebook page where you will collect leads for your business.

  2. Give Facebook access to leads for your page and click OK to save

  3. Choose how you want to categorize leads when they are added to the system from Facebook. You can choose what lead status[a] they will be under and what the lead source[b] will be.

  1. If necessary, you can also remove your page from connecting via Facebook in this window by clicking on the red X

  2. Click save

What if a Lead Isn’t Added to the System Automatically?

In case leads that appear in the Facebook leads form don’t get automatically added to the Arbox system, you can execute the following steps. Note: after each step, check if the lead has been added to Arbox by using the Facebook leads testing tool. Click here to connect using your Facebook account.

  1. Check that you have the right permissions to manage the Facebook page

  2. Click the

    next to “Leads from Facebook” in the Arbox settings and check that the correct Facebook page is connected

  3. Check that all of the fields in the lead form are complete and created properly

  4. Click on “Log Out Facebook” in the Arbox settings and reconnect using the steps in this guide

  5. If after going through all of these steps the leads are still not appearing in your Arbox system, contact our support team

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