1. Click Schedule in the sidebar

  2. There are two ways to add a class:

  1. Drag your mouse over the desired time slot.

  2. Click the "create" button at the top

  1. Both options will open this popup:

  1. Choose the class from the dropdown menu, then use the next dropdown to choose the coach.

  2. Next, choose whether to showcase this class in the Arbox member app.

  3. You can choose to have this class occur once or become a recurring weekly class.

  4. Next, adjust the date, start and end time for your class and define the location in the bottom dropdown menu.

  5. After completing the main details, you’ll then have to set the class restrictions.

  1. Define the maximum number of participants

  2. Choose whether to have a minimum number of participants sign up X amount of time prior to the class

  3. Define the time prior to the class when a member can cancel the registration

  4. Choose whether to enable or disable late cancelation

  5. Define the time prior to the class when a member can register

  1. Click save and you’ll see your class added to the schedule with the color you chose when creating the class type.

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