Payment Migration Process Arbox

We know that switching systems can be intimidating but we’ve put together this article to help you understand the process and what to do regarding migrating your members’ payment information (credit card numbers, ACH details, etc.).

Within the Arbox platform, we have 2 ways to migrate member payment details:

  1. Using the signup page. Within Arbox we can provide a signup page for your members to log into with their credentials and fill in their payment details personally. Once completed, their information will be stored in your Arbox dashboard.

    That link can also be used for online purchases and for new members. You can watch an explainer video here

  1. Your current payment processor will provide First American with the members’ payment details (in a completely safe and secure manner). Once First American receives the members’ payment details, Arbox will make sure to apply each credit card or ACH to the relevant member profile according to the date that they were charged on your previous platform.

Note: this process may take up to 21 business days[a].

[a] אולי נעלה את כמאמר פנימי?

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